1 day ‘till 30…and to ten years of fabulous wonderment, an ending.

Oscar Wilde wrote that life imitates art. At least, that’s what Wikipedia tells me. For the final blog post of my twenties, I’ve chosen to look not to the future, nor the present, but, instead to look to the past. No matter what words I would use to capture the last decade – the friends (old and new), the dates (both good and bad), the break-ups, the getting back-togethers, the moves (DC, Baltimore, and back to DC again), the successes, the failures, the weight gain, the weight loss, the faith community, the surprises, the job changes, the comic books, the lowest lows, the highest highs, the high ceilings, the deepest loves – it would never be enough. Thus, I’ve decided to reflect on this past decade, a decade of transformative growth, not through words but instead through images.

But before I get to that I’d like to share that this blogging experience has been both a challenge and a delight. I can say that the exercise of writing daily has not been consistently easy. There are days I was convinced I would have nothing to write about and, only at the 11th hour, an angel would whisper in my ear some random meandering to unleash upon the internet via WordPress. It’s not easy putting yourself out there, certainly not on a daily basis. In the end, on my last day of 29, I feel that I succeeded. Though it’s only been 30 days, I can honestly say this experiment has gotten me to switch gears, look closer at the daily world in which I traverse, and to appreciate people, experiences, and just life in general all the more.

My twenties are ending but the rest of my life is starting. My thirties will be, just, fabulous. The evidence for that are the countless people and experiences who shaped my twenties, and continue to shape me into the person I am today. I could show a never-ending slideshow to illustrate this but unfortunately, only so many pictures are saved on my laptop, and God knows how many files I can upload to WordPress.

Oh, and about that life imitating art piece? Well, what would a Joey DeSanto blog post be without a musical accompaniment? To close out my twenties, I’d like to pull from the wise and inspiring words of one Ms. Carrie Bradshaw…

Since Youtube is forcing one to go to their main page to watch the Sex and the City TV show final scene, here’s some background music intended for this post…

Later that day, I got to thinking about relationships…

There are those that open you up to something new and exotic…

Those that are old and familiar…

Those that bring up lots of questions…

Those that bring you somewhere unexpected…

Those that bring you far from where you started…

But the most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all…is the who you have with yourself.

And if you find someone to love the you, you love. Well? That’s just fabulous.


6 Responses to “1 day ‘till 30…and to ten years of fabulous wonderment, an ending.”

  1. Corrance Says:

    What a great way to wrap up the blog as well as your twenties. I’m going to miss your daily musings (do I smell a spin-off?) and, whether intentional or not, your inspiring words!

  2. Daniel Says:

    tears, baby. you brought me tears.

  3. Jill Halvaks Says:

    Honored to have made the photos. More honored to have you as a friend. Here’s to the next decade. Love ya!

  4. Joy Says:

    Joey, this is as you said, “fabulous.” you really have a talent, and you shared so much wisdom. you and jason are such a handsome couple and i’m glad you found someone to love the you that you love because it’s a wonderful thing. happy birthday my friend.

  5. Julia French Says:

    You are truly a wonderful person!! Have a fantastic 30th Birthday!!!! Love and miss you!!

  6. Aunt Jan Says:

    Ambitious, brave, revealing – Great job on your 30 day blog! May the next decade be even better! I wonder if there will be blogs ten years from now . . . . Happy birthday, Joey! You done good!

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